What markets does Homer help in?

For now, Homer is available to people in Vancouver, BC. We want to make the experience of finding a home the best possible in our hometown before expanding to other cities.


Slack is the hub for communication. Along with the strong community that loves Slack, Homer is built with intelligent machine learning software and will be on many popular messaging platforms soon.


First in English, then in many others. Homer is still growing and will be available for other languages to help more people explore their feeling of home.

I tried to install Homer on Slack, but my workspace hasn’t changed?

After installing Homer to Slack, your workspace doesn’t change. Other than a new “App” will be available for you to Direct Message.

How do I apply to rental homes?

When you feel ready to apply for a tenancy agreement, contact the landlord of the home. We are working on a new product to help with sending lots of applications.

Any other questions?

Homer is an intelligent machine learning robot. That means with each chat, it's getting smarter and better at helping people find homes.

If you want to get in touch, please reach out using the form below.