Find good homes together.

Homer is the smart robot for smart renters. We take care of your people so they can look after your business, using smart technology to help find good homes for good people.


Why Homer?

Homer helps organizations find homes for their people.

Powered by Slack, we streamline the housing search by finding options that suit individual needs so there’s no more guesswork in the moving process.

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Your guide to housing

Homer is your personal sidekick focused on all things real estate

Find the best options at your fingertips. Searching homes in Slack makes it easy to keep everything organized and Homer’s industry knowledge is there when you need it.

Homer helps companies in the challenge of finding homes for their people

Whether it’s due to an exciting new project, a head office relocation, or a brand new company, Homer uses smart technology to recommend tailored housing solutions for teams. 


Homer is built using top tier technology



lines OF CODE

Homer is built to be fast, reliable and self-improving. Our team has worked with inspiring students from Lighthouse Labs, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Emily Carr School of Design to help us reimagine the feelings of home.



Thousand home metrics

Homer does more work in less time. We find patterns in real estate data to create real connections for people.



in-home workshops

Homer invites local city shapers to explore big ideas and new technologies at our in-home workshops. We believe collaboration fosters a culture fuelled by curiosity.


june 2018

The days of stressing over finding a suitable home are no more...use technology to improve the emotional connections people have with products.

Jake Steiner, Founder / Read Full Article


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